pictures from the ´neues museum´

Sabine Carbon - photography

30. Oktober – 21. November 2009

opening 30. Oktober, 19.00 Uhr

Sabine Carbon: Ägyptischer Hof I   2009

What happens in-between? When the museumbuilding is finished, but it´s not a museum yet? When Helios and Nefertiti still have to wait for their performance? When packing material is outperforming art? How does the building then relate to art? Or to scaffolds and tools?

Sabine Carbon traces this questions via photography. From may 2009 to october 2009 she visited the ´Neues Museum´ many times from emptyness until the moving in of the archeological collections.

Sabine Carbon  started photograpy at the age of 12. She studied literature and archeology in Munich and Berlin, worked as a filmcritic, as an author and presenter for television, as chief of press at senator film. Today she makes documentaries, takes photographs and writes books. Together with Barbara Schnabel she founded the publishing house edition.SABA and the SABA.galerie contemporary photography. She lives with her daughter in Berlin.